July 1, 2020: GalleryExpress has been working hard to to reduce our exposure to the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and meet the challenges presented by this pandemic to the industry as a whole, and our operations in particular.

Our most important initiative has been accelerating the availability of our new storage warehouse. It is finally complete! As of July 1 all office and administrative services are now located at:
105 – 289 Bridgeland Ave, Toronto, ON M6A 1Z6

We have returned to full operations in our warehouse and partial field operations. Currently, our protocols include:
• cloth masks for installers on site where maintaining physical distancing is problematic, cloth and/or paper masks available for clients;
• all warehouse visitors must use cloth/paper masks while in facility;
• until further notice, visitors are by appointment only;
• maintaining six foot physical distancing in all instances possible;
• hand sanitizer in vehicles and kits on site for regular disinfection;
• disposable (biodegradable) gloves single site use only;
• our vehicles and common areas in our warehouse are cleaned each morning daily prior to the commencement of active duty.


GalleryExpress FAS is a fine art services company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada servicing the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

We provide art handling expertise ranging from commercial and residential installations, to art relocation, packaging, and delivery services. Our packaging services include on site soft packing and bespoke crate building services. We offer local deliveries in Toronto, expedited deliveries to northern and southern Ontario, straight truck deliveries to major art fairs in North America, and a monthly air-ride, climate controlled shuttle service to New York City (with stops along the way).


Our clients include artists, galleries, commercial offices, private collectors, interior designers, event planners, framers, conservators, governments, and public institutions to name a few. We also work with other fine art service providers within and outside of Canada to provide support for their clients or to extend support for ours.

With industry standard fine art packing and handling insurance, GalleryExpress employs a dedicated team of experienced art handlers with roots in Toronto’s active and diverse arts community.

Our focus is simple: to provide a flexible, professional, and reliable fine art handling service to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Take a look through our web site. Review our projects for  examples from the range of projects we’ve been involved in over the years. Drop us a line to schedule an item, to request a quote, or to inquire about the range of services we offer. We’re always happy to talk shop and share experiences.

Contact us: Toronto, Ontario 416.855.3661.